Final cleaning of high-precision components – impeccably clean with a combination of solvents and water

As a full-range system service provider, PTF Hitega also takes care of the final cleaning of your high-precision components as an optional service perfectly rounding off precision part production. For this purpose, we use a HEMO SOLVACS hybrid cleaning system directly connected to our DIN ISO 14644 class-6 clean room. Your advantage: By combining solvents and water in the cleaning process, both organic and inorganic compounds can be removed from the surface of your precision components. While solvents are ideally suited to degrease surfaces, residues such as salts, abraded materials and dust can only be removed with water. Highly-complex hybrid cleaning ensures absolute perfection – cleanliness for the highest demands.

Impeccable cleanliness

Fully-automated multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning system

In addition to this, we have a fully-automated multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning system equipped with SPS control and water treatment function. The parts’ cleanliness or degree of contamination is checked using the test ink method: In this procedure, the test inks are applied to the surface to be tested. Following this, the surface tension of the material can be determined as there is a direct connection between the test ink’s indicated value and the degree of cleanliness. This way, you will always receive perfectly clean assemblies and parts.