Our Mission

Sophisticated high-tech projects to the
highest mechanical standards

Working to the highest standards, we implement the ambitious projects of our customers in the high-tech industry. We produce CNC components on the edge of mechanical feasibility. Customer satisfaction, cooperative partnership and first-class support have first priority at PTF Hitega. Being a system provider of precision parts and complex assembles we are also pioneers and enjoy breaking new ground – where others fail, we are getting started. We are a fair and dependable partner to our customers and live up to our responsibility to reliably support them in all their complex projects. Our customers, suppliers and employees can rely on our sincere, honest and ethical behaviour towards them.

Our Vision

Global top-quality partner for precision and
highest accuracy

Highest precision, uncompromising quality and absolute reliability: We are the preferred system service provider of precision parts and assemblies in the high-tech industry. In the field of high-end machining, we have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading CNC service providers. Rounding off our service portfolio, we also assemble highly-complex assemblies and systems, test their functionality and adjust them according to customer specifications. Globally, the name of PTF Hitega stands for precision, professionality and highest accuracy at its best quality. Our customers profit from our full-service range of highly-complex CNC milled and turned parts, which we assemble into sophisticated assemblies and systems to our customers’ requests. The speed of service, strength of performance and outstanding quality we deliver at PTF Hitega inspires our customers around the world.

Our Focus

Our employees

Our employees are key to our success. For them we bear special responsibility. Only if all employees work together harmoniously and pursue the same goals, can joint efforts lead to success. We give our employees honest trust, sincere respect and treat them as partners. Good pay, fair working hours and effective occupational safety measures are a matter of course for us. We adequately appreciate and honour the accomplishments of individuals. We are courageous in the face of changes: In change we see an opportunity to improve, to use our full potential and to further our personal development.